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What Color Guest Dresses Are Suitable for a Boho Wedding

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A boho wedding is undoubtedly a carnival and fashion show for those who love freedom and enthusiasm. If you’re getting boho wedding invitations from friends and family, I’m happy for you. Because no wedding theme can awaken people to energy and immerse themselves in this carnival quite like this.

As a guest, it is very important for you to have a guest dress that fits well and corresponds to the wedding theme. What color guest dress would you wear at a boho wedding? This is the first problem you face. You don’t want to walk into a wedding wearing an inappropriate dress, it would be too embarrassing! In this article, we’ll open the door to the world of boho guest wedding dresses, so pack your bags and we’re ready to go!

What Is a Boho Wedding?

A boho wedding refers to a non-traditional, laid-back and free-spirited wedding atmosphere. It is mainly influenced by the hippie style of the 1960s and 1970s, and is deeply sought after by people for their worship of the free spirit.

Boho Wedding Venue Features

Boho weddings advocate a unique, free-spirited, non-traditional and forgiving wedding theme, using earthy, natural tones in the venue, décor and gowns. This comfortable and tolerant wedding style encourages guests to wear boho or casual clothing, and the decoration is mainly DIY to show their personality and creativity.

Boho Wedding Venues

Boho wedding venues are based on natural and vintage themes, and weddings are usually held in woodlands, beaches, meadows, valleys, farms, castles or manors.

Why Boho Style Is Ideal For Wedding Guests

For guests who like to be relaxed and unrestrained, a boho wedding is perfect. You are leisurely surrounded by natural beauty, fully applying your creative inspiration to the dresses and decorations, and creating a personalized wedding party that can become an eternal wedding memory for everyone.

My Favorite 10 Boho Wedding Guest Dresses Colors

In a bohemian wedding, color is the number one factor if you want to make your guest dresses attractive. Here are 10 guest dress colors that I recommend for you that follow boho wedding ideas:

Navy Blue Wedding Guest Dresses

Feather Devore Woven Kimono Maxi Dress

Image Source: karenmillen

Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Image Source: pinterest

Navy blue wedding guest dresses are especially suitable for boho weddings in autumn and winter. The rich dark blue is very friendly to the skin color, especially for cold skin, it can reflect the skin texture and look delicate and elegant. If the wedding venue is chosen in a valley, lakeside or forest, the advantages of navy blue guest dresses will be maximized.

Light Blue Dresses For Wedding Guest

Drop Waist Belted Midi Dress

Image Source: coastfashion

Bowknot Floral Print Light Blue Belted Dress

Image Source: pinterest

Bohemian weddings are especially suitable for spring and summer, fresh and romantic. The soft, ethereal light blue dress for wedding guests blends perfectly with the two seasons. When you wear it and stand on the beach and grass, the skirt rises with the wind, and you instantly feel a sense of tranquility and sophistication, which makes people unable to help but Embrace nature.

Emerald Green Wedding Guest Dresses

Cascading Crush Emerald Green Tiered Bustier Midi Dress

Image Source: lulus

Floral Beaded Ankle-Length Dress With Godet Skirt In Gem Green

Image Source: adriannapapell

Of all the seasons in the year, only winter needs the breath of life the most, so an emerald green wedding guest dress is a wise choice for you to attend a winter bohemian wedding. This dark green formal guest dress is specially paired with gold accessories. The contrast of the two colors makes you look luxurious and elegant. In a free and unrestrained wedding, you are the most special existence.

Blue Wedding Guest Dresses

Paisley Tie Shoulder Plunge Maxi Dress

Image Source: boohoo

Floral Jacquard One Shoulder Ball Gown With Bow Accent In Royal Sapphire

Image Source: adriannapapell

In a relaxed bohemian wedding, the elegant blue guest dress is definitely the most matching color. The soft light blue seems to blend with the lake and ocean, making it quiet and beautiful. When you wear it with simple DIY boho accessories and a flower crown, you will look like a princess in a fairy tale, elegant and beautiful.

Pink Dresses For Wedding Guest

Floral Off The Shoulder Ruffle Maxi Dress

Image Source: boohoo

Pink Floral Print One Shoulder Draped Chiffon Bodycon Dress

Image Source: prettylittlething

What color best embodies romance in a wedding? The answer is pink! I recommend soft blush or dusty rose colors. These pink wedding guest dresses are really suitable for the elegant and free bohemian style. They can achieve a tacit harmony with flower crowns and printed accessories to create a dreamy atmosphere for the wedding.

Sage Green Wedding Guest Dresses

Sage Green Polka Dot Draped Underwire Detail Midi Dress

Image Source: prettylittlething

Beaded Embroidered Lace Corseted Mini Dress

Image Source: karenmillen

If you are attending a bohemian wedding in the countryside, I recommend wearing a sage green guest dress. The tranquil, earthy sage harmonizes with its rural surroundings as if it was born for this purpose. When you wear it, hold flowers in your hands, and wear a flower crown on your head, everyone will look at you with envy.

Purple Wednding Guest Dresses

Wonderful Waltz Purple Floral Print Strapless Bustier Maxi Dress

Image Source: lulus

Off The Shoulder Wrap Midi Dress

Image Source: boohoo

If you’re like me and love people showing off their personality and glamor in their boho weddings, then the purple guest dress is not to be missed! Purple is inherently charming, whether it is clothing, flowers or decorations, it can make people look at you uncontrollably and express appreciation for your taste. I recommend formal guest dresses in lavender and plum colors, they are very popular.

Orange Wedding Guest Dresses

Printed Cut Out Maxi Dress

Image Source: boohoo

Loose Recycled Satin Dress

Image Source: na-kd

From coral to terracotta, orange has always been a common color for bohemian weddings. Especially in winter, an orange guest dress can inject more vitality into the natural and free wedding theme, making people around you feel warm and romantic.

Red Dresses For Wedding Guest

Dobby Pleated Puff Sleeve Midi Dress

Image Source: boohoo

Spectacular Feeling Burgundy Embroidered Faux Wrap Midi Dress

Image Source: lulus

When you first saw red, did you think of Santa Claus’s clothes, the red cloth held by Spanish matadors, and Superman’s cape? Do these red elements make your heart surge? Yes, red guest dresses also play this role in bohemian weddings, arousing people's inner vitality, dancing passionately and unrestrainedly, and pushing the wedding atmosphere to a climax.

Brown Wedding Guest Dresses

Kat Latte Ruffle Romper Dress

Image Source: bohopink

Floral Appliqué A-Line Gown

Image Source: nordstrom

The most common colors for bohemian weddings are earth tones, advocating freedom and embracing nature. So your choice of brown guest dresses best reflects the characteristics of the wedding. Available in chocolate, taupe and caramel, these guest dresses feature smooth, relaxed and breezy silhouettes, allowing you to move freely and express your personality throughout every event of your wedding.

From my personal point of view, I think the simplicity and elegance shown by solid-color guest dresses are in line with the bohemian style. In terms of photography, solid colors make the picture look grand without too much noise, making people feel "clean". And guest dresses with prints can enliven the wedding atmosphere, be passionate and free, and inject vitality into the bohemian style wedding.


When we talk about boho wedding guest dresses again, we find that what attracts us is not its retro design, but the earthy tones, elegant fabrics, and the harmony between man and nature that people rarely pay attention to these days. Boho wedding guest dresses are what’s enchanting us.

I think the charm of a boho wedding transcends traditional weddings. Whether it is the choice of color, the design of the dress, or the environmentally friendly concept of decoration, it has become a rare carnival party in modern weddings.

I also hope that when you attend this special wedding, you consider a boho wedding guest dress to express your true self and bring out your inner free spirit.

FAQs About Boho Weddings

Can I Wear a Boho Dress to a Wedding?

Boho style is wonderfully romantic and folksy, making it ideal for a charming fairy-tale wedding. Boho garments are feminine and flowy. Muted neutral colours such as white and beige meet attention-grabbing patterns and tie-dye. Wear A-line silhouettes rather than figure-hugging dresses.

How to Dress for a Bohemian Theme Party?

Start with maxi dresses, skirts, crochet tops, ripped jeans, loose tunics, kimonos and boho accessories and jewelry pieces. Tassel bags, vintage style sunglasses, belts, scarves, hats, necklaces, arm cuffs, cowboy boots and sandals etc.

What Are the Colors for Bohemian Theme?

Choose a color palette: Boho colors often include earthy tones, such as terracotta, olive green, and mustard yellow. Equally, bright jewel tones like fuchsia, emerald green, and sapphire blue work well.

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