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What Color Shoes to Wear with a Grey Bridesmaid Dress

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No matter what season the wedding is taking place or what the theme is, a gray bridesmaid dress can command the show. I think you chose gray precisely because of its elegance and versatility, but it is not something that can be matched casually, especially the color of shoes

what color shoes to wear with a grey bridesmaid dress

An ideal pair of wedding shoes not only complements the soft and elegant beauty of gray in color, but also has a comfortable sole and ample arch support. You can think about the bridesmaid wearing a gray dress and red high heels. The two colors are very conflicting. The first thing everyone sees is not the dress, but the shoes. What an alternative combination. Secondly, if there is dancing, high heels can easily injure your feet, which is very bad for the bridesmaids!

If you don’t want to go to so much trouble, I suggest you choose metallic shoes directly, or you can spend a few more minutes reading the remaining 7 color shoes that will be introduced to get more inspiration.

What Color Shoes Go with a Gray Bridesmaid Dress

  • Nude or Neutral Colors: Shoes in beige and blush colors, for example, can be paired with any gray, whether it's a light gray bridesmaid dress, or a dark gray bridesmaid dress, and they can create a timeless look that complements the sophistication of the dress.
  • Metallic Colors: Metallic shoes are really versatile. I always suggested to some friends before: If you want to save trouble in choosing shoe colors, you can choose metallic colors, such as silver, gold and rose gold. They are easy to match in weddings. It can be used as an embellishment to make the gray dress less monotonous and make the wedding look more luxurious and refined.
  • Black: Black shoes can easily contrast with the gray bridesmaid dresses. If you want to have a layered wedding color, then consider black, but I recommend wearing it for an evening wedding, which will weaken the black effect and not make guests feel abrupt. 
  • White: White shoes are perfect for a bright and light wedding theme, and are best paired with a light gray dress, which can create a fresh and clean look and give a sense of holiness.
  • Wear Gray: Wear gray shoes that closely match the color of your dress. It is coordinated and streamlined. The disadvantage is that the color does not have a layered beauty. It is recommended that you choose a dark gray bridesmaid dress, light gray shoes, or swap the two.

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8 Wedding Shoes Suitable for Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

To help you narrow down your choices, we've rounded up color, style and ergonomics to find some of the best wedding shoes you can buy right now to make your gray bridesmaid dresses shine on your wedding day. Read on to find your favorite look.

Patti Beige Ankle Strap Sandal

Patti Beige Ankle Strap Sandal

image source: nordstromrack

These are my favorite strappy heels, and my THIRD pair. They are classic in style, comfortable and flattering. They can be dressed up or down, and they fit my not medium but not narrow foot perfectly. I also gave a pair to a friend of mine who was going to a wedding and I suggested she pair it with a gray dress even though she wasn't a bridesmaid, she got a lot of compliments on the day.

Women's Silver Nelena Evening Sandals

Women's Silver Nelena Evening Sandals

image source: macys

These classy silver shoes are comfortable, look great, and are reasonably priced. Silver is especially suitable for gray and rose gold dresses. The first time I wore them was to an event where I spent a lot of time on my feet - and no discomfort, blisters, etc.

Kutest Champagne Satin Pearl Ankle Strap Heels

Kutest Champagne Satin Pearl Ankle Strap Heels

image source: lulus

These champagne shoes are high quality and have excellent craftsmanship. They were very comfortable, and I was able to wear them all night. The pearls added just the right amount of glam to my light grey bridesmaid dress. My feet have not felt tired so far and I am hopeful that they will last me through our wedding day.

Gold Crystal Pointed-Toe Flats

Gold Crystal Pointed-Toe Flats

image source: davidsbridal

If the wedding is held in the summer, I will not hesitate to buy these gold flat shoes. The toe is decorated with crystals, sparkling and very beautiful! They have a comfortable box toe design. This makes them comfortable to wear all day. However, even though I have very thin feet, my big toe nail rubs against the top of the shoe while walking. I still wear them, but wish they were just a tad bit higher in the toe box, if that makes sense. I will keep and trust that I will use the business casual gray dress a lot.

Journee Collection Bella Rose Gold Sandal

Journee Collection Bella Rose Gold Sandal

image source: dsw

I bought them to wear with my gray bridesmaid dresses for a wedding. if you're like me and need wide fit, I was convinced the rose gold shoes I had were regular fit until I looked in the heel for the shoe size and saw they were wides. The heel height with sparkle is just right for me, because of the block heel it was much more comfortable to walk, and dance.

Collection Celeste Jewel and Pearl Slingback Dress Black Pumps

Collection Celeste Jewel and Pearl Slingback Dress Black Pumps

image source: dillards

I would say it would go well with dark gray bridesmaid dresses, particularly for an evening wedding, the black look of the shoes blended in nicely with the environment, and the extra pearls and jewels were dazzling and I got a lot of compliments on them. Because of the slender heel, you must consider the venue before purchasing.

Women's Kia Strappy Dress White Sandals

Women's Kia Strappy Dress White Sandals

image source: macys

The thick heel always makes me feel secure, super cute and comfortable! Love the height and the shimmery gold color. They are a great summer shoe to dress up or down. Versatile and stylish. Love this shoe! I’m so happy that my friends were able to wear them with their light gray dresses on their wedding day, they looked so beautiful!

DREAM PAIRS Silver Low Wedge Dressy Flats

DREAM PAIRS Silver Low Wedge Dressy Flats

image source: amazon

As a bridesmaid, I wanted a pair of sparkly silver flats to match the gray dress. I like the square toe and the amount of sparkle in these shoes. They fit a wider foot and have more room for the toes. Slight cushion inside the shoe. Not a lot of cushion but just enough to walk around for a few hours. The elegant design added a nice touch and the glitter didn't wear off on the shoe with all my walking and moving around.

Things to Note When Choosing Wedding Shoes

  • The Bride’s Dress: The bride is one of the protagonists of the wedding, and the style and color of her shoes should be coordinated with the bridesmaids’ dresses and wedding dresses.
  • Bridesmaid Dress Color: The color of shoes should be complementary or consistent with the color of the dress. The color should be layered and beautiful, but not too abrupt. For example, you can pair a light gray bridesmaid dress with metallic and beige shoes.
  • Wedding Theme Colors: Whether it is shoes, dresses or decorations, choose them around the wedding theme colors. When the wedding is held at the beach, consider brightly colored shoes.
  • Season: Be sure to consider the wedding season before choosing shoes. Light and sexy shoes are suitable for spring and summer, while thick and warm shoes are more suitable for autumn and winter weddings.
  • Comfort: Comfort always comes first. The bridesmaid will stand for a long time on the day, and if the shoe size is incorrect or the sole is too hard, the groomsmen will be injured. I recommend flats or low heels, and heels for formal occasions.
  • Bridesmaids’ Preferences: If you want your bridesmaids to have a great day, be sure to ask them about their preferences when buying shoes. Who doesn’t want to spend a beautiful day wearing sexy and comfortable wedding shoes?
  • Heel Height: Considering the bridesmaid’s activity schedule and height and weight on the day, the heel height must adapt to each person to provide better comfort.
  • Dress Length: Dress length determines the visibility of your shoes. If you want your shoes to be more visible to everyone, choose a shorter bridesmaid dress.
  • Shoe material: Combined with the wedding venue and bridesmaid activity arrangements, the shoe material must match. Don't let your bridesmaids wear stilettos at the prom. The heel may break, or the foot may sprain.
  • Try Them on before the Wedding: Always make sure your bridesmaids try on their shoes before the wedding to check if they fit comfortably. This can save a lot of wedding day hassles.

Wedding Shoe Care Tips

Following the concept of environmental protection, we do not support the behavior of throwing away wedding shoes immediately after the wedding, as this will cause waste. We can maintain the shoes and use them multiple times on specific occasions.

  • Keep Them Clean: If your wedding shoes are made of leather or fabric, regularly wipe away dirt and stains with a soft cloth. For leather shoes, use leather cleaners and conditioners to keep them soft and shiny.
  • Prevent Stains: Use a protective spray on wedding shoes to remove stains and moisture. Test before use to avoid fading of shoes.
  • Proper Storage: Store wedding shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and stuff paper balls into the shoes to maintain their shape.
  • Dust Bag: If maintenance is only for a short period of time, it is recommended to use a dust bag to protect it from dust and damage.
  • Professional Cleaning: If your wedding shoes are made of expensive materials, give priority to professional cleaning services when maintaining them to avoid losses caused by personal cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Because there are many types of gray, not all the matching colors are the same. I personally prefer beige, silver and rose gold when choosing shoe colors for gray bridesmaid dresses. They can not only change the overly monotonous attributes of gray, but also make the wedding more elegant and refined.

In terms of shoe style selection, I prefer flat shoes and low-heeled shoes, which can bring me better comfort. Unless it is a formal occasion, I will give priority to high-heeled shoes.

For you, I hope the content introduced above can solve your problem. Do you still have questions? You can contact us. ChicsewS is a brand that has been specialized in the design and production of bridesmaid dresses for many years and can solve any of your wedding questions. If you like this article, share it with more people.

FAQs about Gray Bridesmaid Dresses

What Color Goes with Gray for Bridesmaid Dresses?

For an autumnal wedding, evoke the spirit of fall by combining charcoal gray bridesmaid dresses with orange and burgundy hues. Or, mix and match slate gray bridesmaid dresses with mauve and rose color gowns for a romantic look that works year-round.

What Color Nail Polish to Wear with a Gray Dress?

With a gray dress, opt for neutral nude or soft pastel nail polish for an elegant look. Metallics add glamour, bold shades create contrast, or match gray for a chic, monochromatic style.

Can You Wear Brown Shoes with a Gray Dress?

If you're wearing a charcoal grey to stone grey outfit, then go for brown shoes. If you're opting for charcoal pants with brown shoes, choose a pair of shoes in a dark brown shade – this colour combination works well for more formal events.

What Color Jewelry Goes with Gray Dress?

The cool tones of silver can enhance the cool undertones of the grey, creating a cohesive and elegant look. Another option is to choose jewelry with clear or white gemstones, such as diamonds or pearls. These colors can add a touch of sparkle and brightness to the outfit without overpowering the softness of the grey.

What Color Shoes Do You Wear with Light Gray Suit?

Dark brown leather shoes work well with a light grey suit, as they give a touch of classic sophistication while still being subtle enough not to overpower the color of your outfit. If you prefer something different than brown dress shoes, black dress shoes can create a stylish ensemble paired with a light grey suit.

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