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21 Inspired Green Wedding Color Decor Ideas: Break Down the Greens in 3 Steps

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Why are so many people unable to pass up on choosing green as a wedding decoration or even a theme, especially in the winter? Green is a lush color that represents vitality and enthusiasm, and it is very photogenic.

Hello Magazine

Image Source: Hello Magazine

Harry Judd and Izzy Johnston had married in December 2013.

Although the shades of green that we can see count around 300, we ended up choosing just the most classic ones: emerald green, sage green, olive green, and mint green. Read on, from wedding attire, food and drinks, venue decor, and favors, you'll find a stunning green wedding palette so readily available.

Separate the Green Wedding Decor Ideas into 4 Parts

The scope of wedding decoration is very wide, from clothing to environment to catering and favorites. However, just by following this classification, you will quickly grasp the essentials of green wedding color. Things that are pleasing to the eye can always touch people's hearts. Let's take a look at these exquisite picks.

Wedding Attire

Starting with wedding attire is probably the easiest entry point to think of. From the bride and groom's outfits and decorations to the bridesmaids and groomsmen, there are plenty of green ideas to come up with. What are you thinking about at this moment? Green bridal gowns, headpieces, groom suits, bridesmaid dresses, etc. If your wedding theme is related to green, green clothing will be an easy and wise start.

1. Olive Heels with Feather

Olive Heels with Feather

Image Source: Nordstrom

As we all know, fair skins prefer olive colors. But choosing olive green wedding shoes is a bold choice for brides because it is difficult to match them, and if the colors are not matched well, they will look old and strange. A common matching method is that in monochrome weddings, olive green can blend well with black and white. You can also follow the olive green rustic way, making the most of dusty colors to add a hazy and warm ambiance to a winter wedding.

2. Wintry Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Wintry Green Bridesmaid Dresses

Sage green and emerald are common bridesmaid colors in autumn and winter, and are the choices of an average of 5,000 bridesmaids in our store every month. Based on consumer feedback and data retrieval, here are common color combinations: Sage green is usually paired with soft blush and champagne tones to create a muted and elegant look. Emerald is usually mixed with highly saturated colors, such as burnt orange (Our hottest color).

3. Emerald Groom Suits

Emerald Groom Suits

Image Source: Pinterest

The leafy green dark shade of emerald is perfect for a monotonous winter background. Compared with black, it is more chic but requires more attention to the matching. We suggest that when planning a winter wedding, the green suit rules of the day (light) and night (dark) should be your guide.

4. Olive Eucalyptus Wedding Greenery

Olive Eucalyptus Wedding Greenery

Image Source: The Brides Bouquet

Choosing a black suit and worried about being bored? You can take advantage of the situation and choose to make a fuss on boutonniere. This all-greenery boutonniere is a great choice for groomsmen groups, it can serve as a base color to add some other colors such as flowers, berries, pinecones, etc., especially for the groom. This matching formula is often seen in winter bohemian weddings.

5. Easy but Creative Greenery in Bouquets

Easy but Creative Greenery in Bouquets

Image Source: The Lady

Diana Spencer and Prince Charles’s wedding in 1981.

Green can be both the protagonist and the supporting role in a bouquet. As the protagonist, any green plants such as olive leaves, sage, or even succulents can be made into bouquets, as long as they look harmonious and complement the wedding theme. If the focus is on flowers, then green elements can be matched according to the size and shape of the flower. Additionally, add wispy trails and tendrils cascading from the sides for a more romantic look.


Wedding decoration costs too much energy, because it covers almost all the processes of a wedding: wedding ceremony, reception, after party. This also means that you have more space to use green elements.

6. Sage Green Wedding Invitation Suite

6.Sage Green Wedding Invitation Suite

Image Source: Etsy

If you're a minimalist, you might like this sage green invitation kit. It has three different shades of colors, which add a sense of depth to the monotonous two-dimensional printed cards. Although it is simple, it looks exquisite, and it is difficult not to be impressed by such thoughtfulness.

7. Nature-Inspired Various Shades of Green Leaves Escort Card

Nature-Inspired Various Shades of Green Leaves Escort Card

Image Source: oh so beautiful paper

As the saying goes, no two leaves in the world are exactly the same. So each table's escort card is unique, and the hanging leaves are very cute. You can buy and customize these leaves from the store, or DIY them, which would be so much fun!

Pro Tip: If you're not having a truly informal backyard-style wedding where seating is ample and scattered, escort cards are necessary for cost and photogenic reasons.

8. Morandi Olive Balloon Wedding Arch

Morandi Olive Balloon Wedding Arch

Image Source: Instagram

Want a creative green wedding color palette? Balloons will make it happen for you. Winter goes very well with Morandi colors, and you can easily match the colors you want with balloons. After all, olive green balloons are much easier to get than greenery in winter.

9. Monogrammed Emerald Green Getaway Car Wreath

Monogrammed Emerald Green Getaway Car Wreath

Image Source: The Knot

Any decoration can be used to reflect the relationship between the groom and the bride. There is nothing better than an emerald leaf garland surrounding an alphabet plate with the couple's names.

10. Green Foliage with Glass Bubbles Hanging Installation

Green Foliage with Glass Bubbles Hanging Installation

Image Source: Out of my bubble

Hanging installations are a common fixture in wedding decorations, and green is also a regular. This hanger with green leaves and glass bubbles will add more warmth to the bright winter afternoon. It is also very suitable for indoor weddings. The light is reflected by the bubbles, making it radiant.

11. Olive Green Table Centerpieces

Olive Green Table Centerpieces

Image Source: She knows

The attendance of olive green makes the tablescape of weddings in any season a showstopper. Because olive green is low-key and soft, it will not look exaggerated when used as much as possible, and it can blend well with other colors of the same color.

12. Wedding Pew Greenery Jane's Flower Shoppe

Wedding Pew Greenery Jane's Flower Shoppe

Image Source: Jane's Flower Shoppe

Sage green and champagne complement each other beneficially, and suit both wooden and pure white chairs, creating a simple yet sophisticated atmosphere.

13. Emerald Green Velvet Napkin

Emerald Green Velvet Napkin

Image Source: The Chair Factory Venue

Emerald and velvet are the best partners for winter weddings. Small-area Napkin brings more possibilities to desktop landscape design than table linen. White or wood color background, gold, silver, and other shades of green can match the emerald napkin well.

14. Dried Flower DIY Station

Dried Flower DIY Station

Image Source: Honestly WTF

Lack of flowing green? Set up a dried flower DIY station, nothing is more memorable than experimental beauty with greenery at a wedding. Both adults and children can have fun, and both “i” and “e” people will feel comfortable.


Can Wedding catering be green too? Of course! And there are many options. Everything that goes into a wedding is part of the wedding decor, including catering. Wedding food and drinks are also an aspect that reflects the personality and special relationship of the couple. Bold and innovative green food and drinks are always used by personalized couples at winter weddings. Green is the color of life, but make sure you use it at the right time at your wedding, especially with food, as overuse can be counterproductive.

15. Trendy Cake Colors: Emerald Green, Gold, and White

Trendy Cake Colors: Emerald Green, Gold, and White

Image Source: Facebook

Cake has always been one of the protagonists of wedding food. What will happen when the popular colors of winter weddings - emerald, white, and gold are combined and presented on the cake? Still trendy. The 2 circles of gold foil design are very subtle, adding sophistication and elegance to the appearance of the cake.

16. Easily DIY Appletini

16.Easily DIY Appletini

Image Source: Simple Joy

Apple martini’s simply brilliant appearance and easy-to-find ingredients result in its frequency in homemade drinks and festive catering. The secret to perfect appletini is to chill the martini quickly, which is easy to do outdoors in the cold winter months without the help of ice. Who says appletini are not suitable for winter weddings? Just enjoy the back-to-summer enthusiasm.

Pro Tip: Rim the edge of a martini glass with cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, candy, and other ranchers will add more fun and warmth to winter weddings.

17. Green Sweet Table

Green Sweet Table

Image Source: Evelyn Clark Weddings

Winter can’t be without desserts. The green custom-made dessert table produces different flavors of desserts, and guests can enjoy them according to their own tastes. Various shades of green stand out in the dark wedding scene, and just looking at them makes people feel happy.


Gifts serve as a bridge for couples and guests, entwining each other with beautiful memories through gifts back to the wedding day.

Among the many gifts, useful items are always appreciated. In the cold winter, creating warm and exquisite party favors can always make guests feel comfortable. Moreover, the green appearance can also drive away the cold and continue the enthusiasm of summer. Starting from your personal life, what small warm objects will you buy when the cold comes? If you can't think of it at the moment, take a look at our picks, maybe you can get inspiration.

18. Olive & Sage Scented Candles

Olive & Sage Scented Candles

Image Source: Pinterest

There is a perfume brand called "Smell Library". The name is partly based on people's memory and is built on smell. That’s what scented candles do, and they’re one of the best gifts to extend your wedding bliss. The sage green glass exterior symbolizes that good memories will last forever.

19. Bright Mint Dot Socks

Bright Mint Dot Socks

Image Source: Supershop

I guess you must have thought of it too. Scarves, gloves, and socks are the three musketeers that keep you warm in winter. How can they be missing from practical wedding favors? Compared with the boring pure green, green spots are more fashionable. Trust me, this will never become an idle gift.

20. Sage-Colored Succulents

Sage-colored succulents

Image Source: Pinterest

Succulents go well with any theme wedding. Their flower-like shape and full texture add chic beauty to weddings, so they are not only used as wedding decorations but are also often used in wedding favors, except in sage green. Interestingly, multiple colors can exist on the same succulent. Be aware, however, that they are usually quite drought-tolerant but not frost-resistant, so be sure to keep them in a warm room during the winter.

21. Jar Dessert with Mint Ribbon

Jar Dessert with Mint Ribbon

Image Source: Instagram

Taking home jar sweets as a gift is a sweet continuation of the wedding. The prominent mint green ribbon tied with the letter plate evokes memories of passionate summer. Another way of thinking is to replace the card with an escort card. Is it possible to kill two birds with one stone?

4 Stylish Green Wedding Colors for Winter 2023

Image source: Pantone

Image Source: Pantone

Want to use green to create a stylish and romantic winter wedding? So let’s take a look at the popular colors this winter.


Emerald Green

The autumn and winter wedding color in 2023, emerald must not be absent. Emerald green is a rich and deep shade of green, reminiscent of the precious gemstone after which it's named. If you want to create a classic and luxurious wedding, then emerald and gold, sapphire blue, black and other old friends will meet your expectations. In addition, large areas of emerald green combined with small areas of cream, blush, and other light tones are still the choice for delicate and stylish brides.

Sage Green

Sage green is also a popular color for autumn and winter 2023. It is low-key, soft, and earthy green, bringing a sense of tranquility, nature, and rustic charm to your wedding. Whether it is a romantic ski resort or a retro country wedding, sage green can be easily controlled even on green grass. Sage green goes well with neutrals like beige, ivory, and white, creating a harmonious and calming palette. It also complements pastels like blush pink and lavender for a romantic, vintage feel.

Olive Green

As one of the most classic wedding colors, olive green is suitable for all seasons and often appears as a warm decoration in autumn and winter weddings. From table centerpieces to aisle decor, olive green embodies a natural and organic vibe, evoking thoughts of the Mediterranean countryside. It complements warm neutrals like tan, terracotta, and champagne, and is a great color alongside burgundy and mustard. combination.

Mint Green

This is why I chose to introduce mint green, it is often used in spring and summer weddings. But some unconventional brides will use bright mint green to make their wedding unconventional and eye-catching. It combines well with soft pastels, such as blush pink and lavender, for a delicate and romantic look. It can also create a crisp contrast with navy blue and gray for a modern and sophisticated appearance.

How to Find Your Shade of Green

It is not difficult to find the green color that you like and suits you and add it to your wedding. You only need to pay attention to the following 3 key points:

Decide on Your Wedding Theme and Style

You first have to know what you want. Country, retro, modern, fairyland... Then you create according to the wedding theme. Generally speaking, winter weddings benefit from dark and cool green hues. But it doesn’t matter, if you are an eclectic bride, mint green And lime green can also become the signature of your wedding.

Figure out Your Undertones and Skin Tones

If you decide to wear green clothing, you will have to check your undertones and skin tones to find the color that suits you. Generally speaking, warm undertones go well with shades of green that have yellow or gold hues, like olive, moss, or earthy greens, which will complement your skin tone. Cooler undertones prefer mint, teal, or emerald green, and so on cooler green. Neutral Undertones have more choices, you just experiment with various shades to see which ones make you feel and look the best.

Make a Cohesive Color Palette

It’s the combination of colors. Complement and contrast between various shades of green, and the balance of green with other colors. For example, if your primary green is mint, you could complement it with sage, emerald, and touches of blush pink or gold.

All in All

Have you gotten rid of your confusion about green? From clothing to decorations, food and beverages, favorites, we try our best to provide you with inspiration from a wedding planning process perspective, and you can follow similar lines when deciding on a green color palette for your wedding. Infinite style means unlimited creativity. We would be honored if this article gave you a clear idea of how to deploy greens. If you have any ideas, please leave a message.

FAQs about Green Wedding Colors

What Color Tux/Suits Compliment Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses?

Navy blue and Gray suits are my top picks. For perfection, you can add green accents with ties or bow ties, pocket squares, etc.

Do You Have Any Ideas about Green Suits for a Winter Wedding?

Here is a formula that is similar hues work like a team. For example, if you go with a brown and green combo, one small accent color in dark purple (cool, not warm) also works, like a pocket square. If you add gold into the mix, like with a watch and/or ring(s), dark blue also works.

Can Brides Wear Green?

Of course. Whether have cultural ties to the color or are having a garden wedding surrounded by nature, green is a bold statement choice for a bridal gown. It represents growth and prosperity, and it happens to come in a vast array of shades to suit any style.

Can You Wear the Same Colors as the Wedding?

The wedding colors are for the wedding party, not the guests.
Unless you're in that bridal party, you'd be best to steer clear of trying to match them. Think of it a bit like a stage show.

What Colors Look Good with Green for a Wedding?

Sage green looks gorgeous when paired with other light hues, such as blush, peach and lilac. If you're having a fall or winter wedding, pair it with neutrals for a minimalistic, chic vibe.

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