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15 Best Historic Wedding Venues in Georgia

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Just before you walk down the aisle with the love of your life, choosing your dream venue is the next important thing. Choosing a historic wedding destination is beautiful in all senses. From its uniqueness to the vintage feel and special elegance that comes with every architectural detail at the venue. Truth is nothing compares to the beautiful glamor that historic wedding venues bring.

Perhaps you are wondering what is the big deal about historic wedding venues. The designs, details and charming aura cannot be overemphasized. What about the memories that lie in the walls of these buildings?

It's not a bad idea to exchange your solemn vows in any of the amazing historic venues in the heart of Georgia. The good news is you don't have to do this all by yourself, you can hire an event planner. “Ask if they'll not only travel to plan your weddings but if they've planned an entire wedding weekend from afar.” Hannah Nowack.

To ease the stress of searching for the best wedding venues, here is a list of the best historic wedding venues in Georgia.

The Allure of Historic Venues

The Estate at Creek Stone

Image Source: Instagram

Are you seeking venues to add some beautiful moments to your big day? Here’s a list of the most amazing historic wedding venues in Georgia. Let’s get right in!

  1. Mahogany Moon Event Center: This family-owned event center brings your dream wedding to life.
  2. The Estate at Creek Stone: A magical outdoor venue for lovers in the heart of Georgia.
  3. The Trolley Barn: It is a beautiful place to make beautiful memories for couples in Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. Upstairs Atlanta: The rustic and historic venue used to be a blacksmith building, before its conversion to a wedding venue. 
  5. Ogletree Estates is designed to suit your wedding celebration needs with its rustic and beautiful aesthetics.
  6. Our Country House is known as an intimacy coven. It ignites intimacy not only for the couples but also for the guests.
  7. Rhodes Hall is a unique venue with ancient stories. The inspiring venue is home to timeless and classic designs from 1904.
  8. Hollywood Farms as the name implies is an outdoor farm with breathtaking decor.
  9. Historic Train Depot built in the 1880s is home to one of the oldest traditional heritage sites in Georgia.
  10. The Wimbish House is an elegant mansion for couples looking to experience a fantabulous wedding experience.
  11. King Plow Event Gallery is an art gallery with a blend of contemporary designs and historic art.
  12. Agnes Scott College is considered the best historic and romantic place to exchange vows without losing a touch with your traditions.
  13. The Cypress is for intimate wedding celebrations and that is what makes it even more special.
  14. Empire Mill built in 1913 is a Vintage wedding venue becoming the empire for love, vows and endless conjugal bliss.
  15. Roswell Historic Hall brings some originality and uniqueness to your wedding party.

Top 15 Historic Wedding Venues in Georgia

Leela's Place Wedding Venue is a French house farmhouse in the form of an estate with a class backdrop for newlyweds and intending couples. The estate offers some creative and friendly ways to keep your wedding guests entertained.

1. Leela's Place Wedding Venue

Leela's Place Wedding Venue

Image Source: Instagram

Leela's Place Wedding Venue is a French house farmhouse in the form of an estate with a class backdrop for newlyweds and intending couples. The estate offers some creative and friendly ways to keep your wedding guests entertained.

The estate is lovely, with beautiful green trees that add some natural fragrance and decor to the entire venue.

2. Little Gardens

Little Gardens

Image Source: Instagram

Little Gardens is a 3-acre estate in the heart of Georgia. It comes with a timeless outdoor area, making it an ideal venue for outdoor weddings. The venue is a whole world of its own, because of its gothic designs and the similarities that it shares with some cultural-themed wedding venues.

3. Primrose Cottage

Primrose Cottage

Image Source: Instagram

Primrose Cottage is home to the people of Roswell, Georgia. The Cottage is a blend of traditions from ancient times in the 1880s, to the present day. Beyond its unique architectural designs, the interior is superb and beautiful. It is a great wedding venue for small weddings.

4. The Carmichael House

The Carmichael House

Image Source: Instagram

The Carmichael House is a treasure in the core heart of Georgia. Every detail in this historic wedding venue makes your destination wedding dream come true. From the scenery to the staff service, to the fireplace and bar arrangement, everything is promising a breathtaking experience.

5. The Grande

The Grande

Image Source: Instagram

The Grande is a special small wedding venue with historical background. The venue comes with a stone courtyard making it a special monument for couples to exchange their vows in the presence of their families and friends.

The vintage venue, whilst it is small offers some special wedding packages like afternoon tea for every guest, bridal showers and grooms party for intending couples and most especially an amazing dance floor to catch some groove during the wedding party.

6. Truitt Vanderbilt Club

Truitt Vanderbilt Club

Image Source: Instagram

Truitt Vanderbilt Club is a mansion that sits in a corner at LaGrange Georgia. Its history dates back to 1914, making it more than a wedding venue. It is also a historic museum that tells the story of Cornelius Vanderbilt Truitt.

No doubt, the house is ancient, but its design is completely incredible making it a special home for your wedding party.

7. The McGarity House

The McGarity House

Image Source: Instagram

The McGarity House is a classic plantation home turned wedding venue. If you are looking for a rustic wedding venue for your outdoor wedding party, the McGarity House is a great option for you. The venue comes with an array of beautiful options like a porch for spontaneous fun, a unique staircase for timeless photography and beautiful apple trees.

8. The Cedars Wedding

The Cedars Wedding

Image Source: Instagram

The Cedars Wedding and Events is a glamorous mansion with a rare style of decor. The venue is considered the best garden for wedding parties and outdoor events in Acworth, Georgia. Do you know that this event offers different types of discount packages for couples? So, if you are planning your wedding on a budget, then you should check out their packages.

9. Taylor-Grady House

Taylor-Grady House

Image Source: Instagram

Taylor-Grady House is a great place for both small weddings and large weddings. Whether your wedding party is for small guests like your families and friends, or a large wedding, Taylor Grady House is for you. The event center opens every day of the week, so you can make your bookings at any time without struggle. You should check it out.

10. Payne-Corlet House

Payne-Corlet House

Image Source: Instagram

Payne-Corlet House recognizes that weddings are one of the most special days in your life, so the venue tailors every wedding party to specifically suit the needs of the couples. This means your preference, personality and taste are considered to ensure that every part of the venue is personalized for your big day.

11. England Estate

England Estate

Image Source: Instagram

England Estate is a two-story home that sits on a 4 acres garden. The home's designs make you take a different approach to your wedding party because it comes with hardwood floors and a curved staircase. Besides, its environment makes it a beautiful backdrop for pictures and couples photography. Every new day, new things unfold in this estate and you can only tell when you experience its beauty.

12. Carl House

Carl House

Image Source: Instagram

Carl House is an elegant house with lush flowers and a lot of green trees. The venue boasts several awards for its exceptional culinary services, customer service and in-house management. Without mincing words, it is a perfect place for your multiple wedding day parties. It comes with indoor and outdoor venue options and trust me every option is a gold ticket to a lifetime experience.

13. Burge Weddings

Burge Weddings

Image Source: Instagram

Burge Weddings is perfect for small wedding-themed weddings because it is owned by a family. Its lifelong history tells the story of love, resilience and commitment to family. If you want to build your marriage on some traditional foundation, then you should consider this venue.

14. 255 Milledge, Hardeman-Sams Estate

255 Milledge, Hardeman-Sams Estate

Image Source: Instagram

255 Milledge, Hardeman-Sams Estate accommodates multiple weddings at the same time. This is because the state is large enough to host two different kinds of parties. It comes with a cocktail reception for either your private wedding or after-party.

15. Hazlehurst House

Hazlehurst House

Image Source: Instagram

Hazlehurst House seems to be the oldest historic venue in Georgia. Perhaps you are wondering what makes an 1829 venue the ideal venue for your wedding. We believe you want the most memorable wedding experience not only for yourself but also for your guests. Then you need the Hazlehurst house, a facility with charm and elegance in its true definition.

Planning Considerations for Historic Venues

Planning Considerations for Historic Venues

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Choosing the right wedding venue, whether a Gothic wedding venue, or a Victorian wedding venue, you need to consider the following things before choosing a historic venue:

  1. Choose your preferred historic venue: One of the biggest decisions you will need is to choose one wedding venue out of the endless options in Georgia.
  2. Ensure that your wedding venue is similar to your wedding venue. Your wedding themes determine your choice of decor, style of arrangement and many other things.
  3. Ensure that the venue fees are within your budget.
  4. Find out about the internet and Wi-Fi connections: A Lot of historic venues exist in old and silent areas, hence it may be difficult to have strong signals in such areas.
  5. Ensure that the audio and video sound system works actively.
  6. Do not neglect first aid services and the security of the venue. While we hope that nothing wrong happens at your wedding, it is important to note if the venue takes these services as a core part of their protocol.

Real Wedding Stories

Princess Diana

Image Source: Instagram

We have seen quite a few glamorous weddings at historic venues. Remember, when Princess Diana wedded Prince Charles? Everything about that wedding tells stories of royalty, British tradition and elegance. Weddings are special events, and holding your big day at any historic venue that resonates with you makes it even more memorable.

Perhaps you think royal homes are the only historic venues for weddings, yet political houses like the White House are the home to some people's conjugal journey. In recent times, Naomi Biden, President Joe Biden's granddaughter, exchanged her marriage vows at the White House. Besides royal and political houses, there are several other historic venues for your wedding party.

Comparing Historic to Modern Venues

Comparing Historic to Modern Venues

Image Source: Instagram

Historic event centers offer unique charm and bring some form of cultural significance that modern venues cannot offer. Unlike modern venues which are most times versatile and more flexible, historic venues tell a lot of stories of originality.

Besides, modern venues have more sophisticated lighting, and decor and sometimes come with some state-of-the-art technology. These features make it ideal for indoor venues for younger folks. But, if you want some stunning one-in-a-lifetime experience, historic venues are second to none.

If you are seeking to experience elegance in its true form at your wedding, then you should consider a historic venue.

Sustainability in Historic Venues

Sustainability in Historic Venues

Image Source: Instagram

Think about a world with no historical heritage, it will be boring right? That is how important historic venues are to weddings and celebrations. Instead of demolishing old and rustic venues, people are embracing the idea of sustainability. With effective renovation, modern-day decoration ideas and solar energy, historic venues become easily sustainable.


There are several other historic wedding venues in Georgia, but the above-mentioned are the best ones for you. Like Bash Please says, 'Weddings are not a time to reinvent, but rather, honor your instincts. Let your intuition guide your decisions about what kind of environment you want to celebrate.

So, explore the beauty of the historic venues around you and make your wedding day a memorable day.


Are Historic Wedding Venues More Expensive Than Modern Ones?

Because vintage wedding venues have so much history, the costs associated with maintaining and protecting these historic sites are much higher than modern wedding venues.

Can You Customize the Decor in a Historic Wedding Venue?

Yes, you can customize the decor in a historic wedding venue, but there may be certain restrictions to preserve the integrity of the site.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Reserve a Wedding Venue?

Ideally, you should have your wedding venue booked 12 to 14 months in advance.


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