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Btfbm Dresses Real Reviews

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If you see this article, it means that you are very interested in BTFBM dress, but you also question its reliability. As a professional who has purchased countless dresses for review, this issue will introduce you to BTFBM Dresses Real Reviews in detail.

It only takes you five minutes to solve all your questions and choose a more suitable dress.

Btfbm Dress Brand Introduction


BTFBM is a women's clothing brand specializing in dresses, sportswear, shirts and sweaters. Currently, BTFBM only opens stores on Amazon, and sales are very high. As for social media platforms, they only post regularly on Instagram, and the latest posts on Facebook are in 2020.

If you want to contact their staff, it is best to contact them through amazon and instagram. The rest of the websites with "BTFBM" are not them, BTFBM does not have its own website.

Next, let’s talk about dress types, which may interest you.

Btfbm Dresses Types


BTFBM is not very concerned about their dress types. Through their amazo store, we found only "Short Dresses" and "Long Dresses" under the first-level category "dress". But you can find more than 100 dresses through the search box, with a variety of styles, including daily dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, etc. Enough for you to deal with various places. For example: Party, Cocktail, Clubwear, Night Out, Evening, Dinner, Romantic Date, Wedding, Cruise.

BTFBM also has a thoughtful detail. They will tell you in the introduction of each dress details page how to match the decoration with this dress and what activities it is suitable for wearing.


If you have taken your fancy to a dress before, why not spend a little more time and we will introduce the prices soon. Maybe you can find a dress with a cheaper price, better quality, and a style that suits you better.

Btfbm Dresses Price

The price range of BTFBM dresses ranges from $14.99 to $48.99, with an average price of about $32. Most people can afford it, which is one of the main reasons why many people buy BTFBM dresses.

Tip: Some BTFBM dresses will also have promotions. Don’t hesitate to ask customer service before purchasing. Maybe the style you like is on sale.

BTFBM dresses price

Next, I hope you can pay more attention to the issue of dress fabrics. Different fabrics have different experiences in different seasons and activities. My cousin had encountered this problem before. She bought a chiffon dress in winter. She said it looked like a fairy when she wore it. I agreed, but then she caught a cold. When I asked her again, she replied that when buying dresses, she would first look at the fabric.

Btfbm Dresses Fabric

The introduction of BTFBM dress fabrics is not very transparent. Some dress titles will directly have fabrics, which are limited to satin. Other dresses only tell what ingredients are used, and few acquaintances can understand it. If you are an environmentalist, please pay attention to these. It is recommended that users ask customer service before purchasing.

But as a professional, I can still tell the material. BTFBM dresses are mainly made of chiffon, satin and polyester. Below I will introduce to you the characteristics of the three fabrics.

Features of Chiffon

  1. The chiffon texture is light and transparent, and feels soft and elastic.
  2. It has a light appearance and has good breathability and drape.
  3. It has good wear resistance, not easy to pilling, stable in size and not easy to wrinkle.
  4. Using environmentally friendly dyeing and anti-static processing.
  5. If you sweat, it will stick to your body and make you uncomfortable.

Features of Satin

  1. Satin has a thicker texture, a sense of weight, strong warmth retention, and a strong drape.
  2. It has a strong sense of high-end, has a luxurious and bright appearance, is smooth and shiny, and is generally suitable for high-end dresses.
  3. Soft, comfortable yet durable, with stronger tensioning properties than many plain weave fabrics.
  4. The price is expensive, and some merchants use low-quality noodles.

Features of Polyester

  1. Good elasticity and fluffiness.
  2. Easy to absorb dust and generate static electricity.
  3. Thermal stability is good, but hygroscopicity is slightly poor. When worn in summer, it feels very stuffy.
  4. The price is cheap, and some businesses use Polyester to pass it off as high-end dresses.

Btfbm Dresses Style

There are many styles of BTFBM dresses. From necklines, sleeves, embellishments to back and other designs, BTFBM dresses meet the needs of most people.

  • Style: a-line, sheath, mermaid, two-pieces
  • Neckline: v-neck, scoop neck, spaghetti straps, off shoulder, one shoulder, halter neck, sweetheart
  • Sleeves: sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeves
  • Decoration: ruffle, floral print, split, belt, bow knot, side slit, high split
  • Back: backless, zipper side, zipper
  • Length: knee length, above knee length, floor-length

Btfbm Dresses User Reviews

BTFBM dresses user reviews

I browsed all the dresses in BTFBM. The lowest user rating is 3.5 stars and the highest is 5 stars. The lowest-selling dresses are all rated close to 4 stars. It’s incredible. How did you do it? Some people may question it, but the fact is that Amazon strictly scrutinizes the phenomenon of malicious brushing of ratings. The brands that can currently open stores on Amazon have high authenticity in their reviews.

Good Reviews

The reviews of BTFBM dresses are basically above three stars, and some of the dresses have more than 10,000 reviews and a score of higher than 4 stars.

Good reviews

“Many of the reviews stated you may dress this up or down and I wanted to demonstrate this with some photos. It looks nice paired with a baseball cap and casual shoes or a long necklace and dress shoes. I ordered a size small in blue and a size medium in violet red. I should be able to wear the medium to work. The size small is more appropriate for an evening out with friends. I am 5,6” and 125 pounds for reference. Overall it is a good buy and I am happy with my purchase.”

Good reviews

“This is a good quality dress for the price. I got the black in a medium. 5’3” and 135 lbs. it’s longer than I’d like and not quite bodycon like the pics show but it will still work for me. I ordered the black because I was worried it might be a bit sheer and it’s not. The double lining is nice. I style it more casually with sneakers or slides but could be dressed up a bit. I’m a hairstylist and hair sticks to this material like nobody’s business, take a look at my photo. Prob not a huge issue for most. I will def order this in more colors but will try a small next time to see the difference.”

Good reviews

“Love the ruffle details on this cocktail dress. The fabric is low maintenance and will make it easy to toss in a suitcase for my next vacation!

Lots of detailing that doesn’t show as clearly in the stock photos that resulted in my four star review instead of five:

The back of the dress is cut low across the shoulder blades and cut high from the waist up so it comes together in the back like a bikini top. A regular bra DOES work but you may need to secure the dress to the undergarments to avoid the fabric shifting.
Not shapewear friendly. The cut outs on the side make it challenging to wear any kind of shapewear or shorts.”

    Bad Reviews

    There are still many bad reviews on BTFBM dresses, mainly related to issues such as fabric, size, odor, color and tailoring. If you are going to buy it, be sure to check out the bad reviews first.

    Bad reviews

    “I was excited to get this dress, but what I got wasn't as pictured. The material felt cheap and the style just wasn't flattering. I felt frumpy trying it on. I am returning it”

     Bad reviews

    “I pulled the dress out and it was unsnapped, smelled, the sash was missing, and there was hair all over the dress. Very upset since this is a dress I was going to wear for a wedding in two days.”

    Bad reviews

    “I will be returning this item. It smelled like it had been worn, it was all bunched up and not folder properly. The sash was also missing. It looked like someone returned this item and it was not checked before it was repackaged and sent out again. I will be returning this item. I think it could have been a nice dress if it was actually new.”

    Btfbm Dresses Recommended

    We recommend the BTFBM dress to everyone based on the two dimensions of sales volume and positive reviews. The reason for the recommendation is real reviews from Amazon. Please pay attention before purchasing.

    BTFBM Women 2023 Summer Sleeveless Tank Dresses Crew Neck Slim Fit Short Casual Ruched Bodycon Party Club Mini Dress

    Just look at the title and you will know whether this dress is suitable for you.

    BTFBM Women 2023 Summer Sleeveless Tank Dresses Crew Neck Slim Fit Short Casual Ruched Bodycon Party Club Mini Dress

    Reason for RecommendationGreat price for a cute casual dress that could be dressed up if you wanted. I am between sizes S and M and based on the comments I sized down and it was a surprisingly a good fit. I am broad through the chest and shoulders and this wasn’t too tight like most dresses can be that fit though the hips and waist. It was definitely a more snug, bodycon fit but not crazy tight. If you’re between sizes and don’t want it snug then go with the larger size. I’m 5’4”, fit and hourglass shaped. I got a lot of compliments.

    BTFBM Women Summer Bohemian Floral Casual Wrap V Neck Ruffle Cap Sleeveless Belt A-Line Pleated Hem Swing Midi Sun Dress

    BTFBM Women Summer Bohemian Floral Casual Wrap V Neck Ruffle Cap Sleeveless Belt A-Line Pleated Hem Swing Midi Sun Dress

    Reason for RecommendationThis dress is really pretty, lightweight, sheer (although it does have a lining which is great) and perfect for summer but it's not for me.

    I should've read the description a little closer. I thought this was a true wrap around dress which it isn''s also high wasited and I have somewhat large breasts, 38 DD and this style makes me look very matronly even though I have a very defined waistline. I purchased the X-large to accommodate the chest area but this particular style just does not suit my figure.

    The dress itself is really pretty but just doesn't work for me....will be returning.

    BTFBM Women's Casual Party Summer Fall Dresses 2023 Long Sleeve Wrap V Neck Swiss Dot Swing A-Line Maxi Dress with Belt

    BTFBM Women's Casual Party Summer Fall Dresses 2023 Long Sleeve Wrap V Neck Swiss Dot Swing A-Line Maxi Dress with Belt

    Reason for RecommendationMy daughter is an extra small or small I ordered the small and it was way too large. I am a small or medium and the small I got for her was still very loose on me. I am not sure how the model in the video looked as good as she did in the dress it was huge on us and the model must be tall becaue the dress was much longer on us too.

    BTFBM Women 2023 Summer Halter Neck Dresses Sleeveless Casual Floral Polka Dot Leopard Print Short Boho Ruffle

    BTFBM Women 2023 Summer Halter Neck Dresses Sleeveless Casual Floral Polka Dot Leopard Print Short Boho Ruffle

    Reason for RecommendationVery light weight, great quality, and comfortable. I ordered a size small, I’m about 5’2” and larger chested. It fit great. Perfect for a concert, summer wedding, or any event!

    BTFBM Women 2023 Fashion Faux Wrap V-Neck Dresses Short Sleeve High Waist Belt Swing Ruffle Hem Aline Summer Short Dress

    BTFBM Women 2023 Fashion Faux Wrap V-Neck Dresses Short Sleeve High Waist Belt Swing Ruffle Hem Aline Summer Short Dress

    Reason for RecommendationThis dress is so comfortable and looks great! It was tough to iron. The label says wash and wear but didn't want to risk it before my special event. Also, love that it has a snap to keep the top from being too revealing; however, it does show -- but I was told it didn't look bad. The lake blue is such a beautiful color!

    Btfbm Dresses vs. Chicsew Dresses

    • Features of Btfbm Dresses: cheap price, rich styles, affordable by most people, but the shortcomings are also obvious, because the price is cheap, and the fabric, size, color and tailoring process are prone to problems.
    • Features of Chisew Dresses: The lowest price of the dress is about $99 (about $79 after discount), and the highest price is about $170. The price is generally high, but you can pay in installments. The styles are richer than those of BTFBM, with satin dresses being the main hot sellers. The probability of problems with fabric, size and color is relatively small, and the after-sales service is better.

    FAQs about Btfbm Dresses

    Will There Be Any Size Deviation in Btfbm Dresses?

    I opened two of the four dresses I received thinking they would all fit the same as the first two which were black and cobalt blue. I just opened the teal and brown and tried them on to find out they had completely different fabric and fit. I am two days past my return window and would like to return.

    Do Btfbm Dresses Have an Odor?

    I’m tall and it was still pretty long on me and I ordered the small and medium. Only tried the small on cause it was so big. Also it smelled really gross.

    Is the Fabric of Btfbm Dresses Comfortable?

    The dress I got was thick, heavy, and rigid (but not in a quality way). There was nothing flattering or feminine about it, and the top half was like, a muscle tank? And it didn't stay put; even walking around my bedroom, it slid right up because it refused to stretch. I'm horrified that the seller is charging over $30 for this article of fabric they're trying to pass off as clothing.

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