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27 Fantastic Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas: Planning in an Edgy and Romantic Way

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Welcome to the most unforgettable season--winter!

It seems that winter is always neglected for weddings after the peak of summer and fall. But from a young age, winter has been my favorite season. Winter is so practical that I even don’t need to drink coffee or tea in winter, the frigid temperatures play as caffeine! Seriously, don’t you think it is amazing that people set off human inherent power when they live in the harsh cold? I love to see that and get motivation from it. Besides the coldness, winter brings the most wonderful thing to us -- snow, as a regular in romantic movies. So, winter is a shortcut for you to hold a wonderland wedding that you are always dreaming of. After browsing and researching hundreds of nuptial images, I came up with ideas for winter wonderland weddings, from venues, wedding outfits, decors, invitations, and favors, to cakes and food.

Keep reading on and you will get inspiration!

Madonna and Guy Ritchie's wedding

Image Source: Patch

Madonna and Guy Ritchie's wedding in Scotland in the winter of 2000.

I won’t allow anyone to miss it!

Choose Wedding Venues

We all know how significant choosing venues is, which is a prerequisite for wedding preparation. Choosing whatever season for your nuptial actually is choosing its features. What is wintry? Snow, ice, rustic wild trees and flowers, Christmas, etc. Now, I will show you outdoor and indoor winter wedding venues. Let your feelings go and you will find what you want.

1. Ski Lodges & Mountain Resorts

Ski Lodges & Mountain Resorts

Image Source: Envphotography

Ski lodges and mountain resorts provide large space for bridal activities and the best snowscape! Practically, you can organize a party in a ski resort which is an excellent venue for outdoor activities. Thanks to the vast white backdrop, you will get your fabulous wedding photos!  

2. Rustic Forest for Bohemian Style

Rustic Forest for Bohemian Style

Image Source: Pinterest

Considering that wintry is not only snowy, and some people don’t like snow weddings, there is another way to embrace nature--choose a rustic forest wedding. Although there is not as much green vegetation as in other seasons, the trees and the earth are integrated into one, creating a quiet, wild aesthetics. Then you can paint anything you like for the wedding on this neutral backdrop.

3. Warm Barns

warm barns

Image Source: Brides of North Texas

After viewing the outdoor venues above, can you already feel the coldness of winter through the words? There are also indoor venues for you to choose from. Rustic barns are popular venues for winter wonderland weddings. Barns are often located in rural or picturesque settings, making them ideal for winter weddings. The surrounding natural landscape, covered in snow, adds to the magical winter atmosphere. They can be adapted to accommodate both the ceremony and reception, often in the same space or adjacent areas. Decorate with candles and warm yellow lights, which will make the environment warmer and more comfortable.

4. Historic Mansions

Historic Mansions
Image Source: Manolo Doreste

If you’re craving a retro winter wonderland wedding, the historic mansion will satisfy you. Many historic mansions are set on extensive grounds with well-maintained gardens, which can still look enchanting in winter. The snow-covered landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop for both outdoor ceremonies and wedding photos. Most mansions have beautiful interior spaces with fireplaces, which can create a warm and intimate ambiance. With winter-themed decor such as rich fabrics, candles, and vintage ornaments, you can transform the space into a winter wonderland without the need for additional decor.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Outfit Ideas

The center of a wedding is undoubtedly the people, first the bride and the groom, then the bridesmaids and the bride. And when you go into choosing your dream dress, you will find how important the color, material, and even the tiny details are!

5. Cozy White Robes for Getting Ready Outfits

Cozy White Robes for Getting Ready Outfits

Image Source: Wedding Sparrow

Getting ready for your winter wedding can be just as special as the ceremony itself. Consider cozy, matching robes for you and your bridal party. Soft, white, or pastel-colored robes adorned with lace or embroidery are perfect for creating a sense of togetherness while preparing for your big day.

6. Icy Blue Like Ice Princess and Frozen

Icy Blue Like Ice Princess and Frozen

Image Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Embrace the winter wonderland with icy blue accents in your wedding decor and attire. Incorporate this cool shade into your accessories, like sapphire earrings or a sparkling tiara, to evoke the enchanting vibe of an ice princess, much like the characters in "Frozen."

7. Who Says You Can’t Be Sexy in Winter

sexy white wedding dress

How to be still sexy at a winter wonderland wedding? First off, keep warm. Then, pick a gorgeous wedding dress. Opt for a gown with long illusion sleeves and elegant lace detailing to keep warm in the chilly weather.

8. Vintage Velvet Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Velvet Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses


For your bridesmaids, consider deep burgundy velvet dresses. This rich, vintage-inspired fabric exudes warmth and sophistication. The deep color complements the winter season and adds a touch of luxury to your bridal squad's attire.

9. Champagne Rose Satin Bridal Squad

Champagne Rose Satin Bridal Squad

For a touch of opulence and warmth, consider dressing your bridal squad in champagne Rose satin gowns. This color exudes elegance and pairs beautifully with winter themes. The lustrous fabric adds a touch of luxury and creates a striking contrast to the white of your wedding dress, making your bridal party shine like stars on your big day.

10. Feather Designs

Feather Designs

Image Source: Ruffled

Feathers can add a whimsical and wintry touch to your wedding outfit. Consider a dress or capelet adorned with delicate feather embellishments. This unique texture will create a sense of lightness and ethereal beauty in your winter bridal look.

11. Muted Tone Coats

Muted Tone Coats

Image Source: Martha Stewart

Taking wedding photos is not just about clicking the shutter once. To capture the happy moment the most perfect you as a bride, you may need a certain amount of time to shoot. If you are outdoors, a coat is a must. A soft gray, blush or even a pale blue coat can be a chic addition to your ensemble. It not only keeps you cozy but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your winter wedding outfit.

12. Pinecones Boutonniere

Pinecones Boutonniere

Image Source: Weddingomania

For the groom and groomsmen speeches, a boutonniere featuring seasonal elements like pine cones, holly berries, or even a single white bloom can add a touch of winter charm to their suits. These small yet significant details can tie the entire wedding party's looks together.


After talking about wedding venues and outfits, it’s time to decide on nuptial decors. This is what decor does, which alone or in combination will create a unique romantic atmosphere for your wedding. Let’s take a look at captivating centerpieces, elegant runners, arches, romantic aisles, and charming wreaths and see how they transport everyone to a winter wonderland filled with love and celebration.

13. Amazing Crystal Lights

Amazing Crystal Lights

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the most enchanting elements of a winter wonderland wedding is the use of crystal lights. These shimmering fixtures can be incorporated into various aspects of your decor, creating a magical ambiance. Imagine strings of delicate crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, casting a soft, ethereal glow on the reception area. Crystal pendant lights suspended over dining tables add a touch of elegance. For an outdoor celebration, crystal lanterns can be hung from tree branches, creating a breathtaking outdoor chandelier effect.

14. Seasonal Bouquets

Seasonal Bouquets

Image Source: Laurel Silk Florist

15. Silver Centerpiece

Silver Centerpiece

Image Source: Atlanta Bridal

The centerpiece at a winter wonderland wedding is the focal point of each table.
I like the simple centerpiece but catches the eye. Silver branches serve as the main body, the branch top hangs transparent crystal pendants, with a silk bow tied at the bottom and a transparent crystal pendant. That’s a boon to minimalists!

16. Candelabra Candles

Candelabra Candles

Image Source: Bride and Blossom

Candles are an essential and enchanting part of a winter wonderland wedding decor. They add a warm and romantic glow to the overall atmosphere. Different candle shapes and candle holders add different ambiances, but only the candelabra candles get the most spotlight in the room. They work well with blue lights, making the scene a wonderland.

17. Shimmering Arch

Shimmering Arch

Image Source: Mary Jane Vaughan

An arch or canopy where you exchange your vows is a significant part of the wedding decor. In a winter wonderland wedding, consider a white or silver arch adorned with twinkling fairy lights, cascading white flowers, and delicate crystal accents. The arch will create a magical backdrop for the ceremony, evoking the feeling of stepping into a winter fairy tale.

18. White Rose Petals Aisle

White Rose Petals Aisle

Image Source: Tulle and Chantilly

As you plan your winter wonderland wedding, one of the most magical and visually striking elements is your aisle decor. Each white rose petal carries the symbolism of love and purity, adding a profound layer of meaning to your wedding ceremony. You can scatter petals along the aisle, or add votive candles for layered aesthetics.

19. Green Wreath as Interesting Hanger

Green Wreath as Interesting Hanger

Image source: fifty flowers

If you are tired of flower wreaths, how about trying an interesting hanger? Hang it on the door or use it as a backdrop for photographs. Choose a wreath adorned with berries, pinecones, and sprigs of eucalyptus for a rustic yet elegant look.

Invitations & Favors

With so many options to choose from when it comes to planning invitations and favorites for a winter wonderland wedding, the easiest way is to identify the elements you prefer and make a decision based on that. Let’s keep reading to get inspiration!

20. Metallic Invitations

Metallic Invitations

Image Source: Feel-good invites

Embracing the magic of winter for your wedding? Metallic invitations can set the perfect tone for your winter wonderland celebration. These invitations, often adorned with shimmering silver, gold, or rose gold accents, evoke the enchanting and frosty ambiance of the season. You can choose a deep navy or forest green background, which will provide an elegant backdrop for the metallic elements. Opt for metallic foil printing, which can be used for your names, the date, and other important details. You can also play up your creativity in other terms, such as patterns, fonts, etc.

21. Plaid Scarves

Plaid Scarves

Image Source: Be Charmed Gifts

For a cozy and rustic touch to your winter wonderland wedding, plaid favors are the perfect choice. Plaid patterns, often associated with flannel and warmth, bring a sense of comfort to your celebration. Gift plaid scarves as favors, which can also double as stylish accessories for your guests.

22. Floral Crown Bar & Dry Flower Favors

Floral Crown Bar & Dry Flower Favors

Image Source: Gatheredky

Allow your guests to create their own floral crowns with dried flowers. It's a fun and interactive way to involve everyone in the celebration. After the wedding, send guests home with small bundles of dried flowers as favors, with a note explaining their significance in your winter wedding. Dry flowers deserve frequent presence, they not only embody the rustic charm of winter but also ensure your wedding is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Cake & Food

Everything can be decorated for the wedding. What’s the winter wonderland wedding’s way? That should be cakes with snowflakes, sparkly flavors, hot drinks, festive cocktails, DIY dessert bars, etc.

23. Sparkly Cake

Sparkly Cake

Image Source: Arabia Weddings

A sparkly cake is the perfect centerpiece for a winter wonderland wedding. Opt for a white or silver frosted cake adorned with edible glitter or shimmering edible pearls to create a snowy and magical effect. You can even incorporate crystal-like edible decorations to mimic the sparkle of snowflakes.

24. Snowflake Cake

Snowflake Cake

Image Source: Celebration Generation

The snowflakes-themed cake is a regular at the winter wonderland wedding. For a more intricate and elegant touch, request your baker to craft delicate, edible snowflakes from royal icing or fondant and arrange them gracefully on a multi-tiered cake. The result will be a stunning, icy masterpiece.

25. Cranberry Calvados Cocktail

Cranberry Calvados Cocktail

Image Source: Knockaround

Offer a sophisticated "Snowy Orchard Elixir" featuring Calvados, cranberry juice, a hint of cinnamon, and a touch of honey. Serve it in elegant glassware garnished with a skewer of sugared cranberries for a delightful wintry touch.

26. Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa Bar

Image Source: the knot

Set up a stylish hot cocoa bar with premium hot chocolate, marshmallows, and an array of toppings like shaved chocolate, cinnamon, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. Guests can customize their hot cocoa to their liking, adding a cozy element to your wedding.

27. DIY S'mores Station

DIY S'mores Station 

Image Source: Pinterest

Want to add a touch of fun to your wonderland wedding? Establish a station where guests can make their s'mores or marshmallow treats. Provide marshmallows, graham crackers, and an assortment of chocolates. You can have a small fire pit or use chafing dishes with Sterno to roast marshmallows. It's fun entertainment for both adults and kids.

All in All

You know what? You have completed the first step of wedding preparation: determining the theme--winter wonderland wedding. Next, you need to decide what you want for your wedding, but it would be nice if it were as simple as picking out something you love. Wedding planning requires logistics, which include everything from booking the venue and sending out invitations, to hiring a photographer, entertainers, and catering the food.
Wedding preparation is long-term, because it is significant enough to take your time.
It is wise of you to browse more posts, and Youtube videos, and read our blogs about weddings. If you draw inspiration from the issue, share it!

FAQs about Winter Wonderland Weddings

The Decor Looks Good, but Why It Is Not Blue Enough?

Lights will do that! If you want it to be more blue, the lights will make the wedding venue look more translucent and dreamy. Blue is only one of wonderland weddings’ tones, other warm factors are included, too.

Is Having a Buffet at a Wedding Tacky?

I’ve been to weddings that were everything from ballroom formal to hamburgers and hot dogs by the pool. It’s up to the couple’s imagination and budget!

Should I Wear Tights to a Winter Wedding?

Yes, take care of the warmth if you want beautiful winter photos.

Are Winter Weddings Cheaper?

Don’t assume that it will be cheaper since your wedding may be ‘off season’ for your geography. It could actually be a high tourist season (think NYC) and make it difficult to procure vendors or room blocks.

What Month Is Best for a Winter Wedding?

December 28th to 31st tend to be really popular dates, earlier in December can be busy so give your guests plenty of notice, and while into January, people tend to have more availability, you might not get the festive party atmosphere, if that's what you're after.


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