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25 Unforgettable and Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas: Celebrate with a Bang

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The most anticipated thing for bridesmaids before the wedding is the bachelorette party, with all kinds of entertainment, food, drink, and fun. Even after the party is over, they want to do it again.

Take me as an example. I attended my classmate’s bachelorette party as a bridesmaid, from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next day, for three whole days! We did all the things we wanted to do, such as private lingerie parties, skydiving, scavenger hunts, surfing, and rock music festivals, etc. It felt like the happiest bachelorette party we have ever experienced in our lives so far. I loved it so much!

So if you are about to attend a bachelorette party and are troubled by planning activities, please be patient and read the following content. Based on my own real experience, I recommend 25 unforgettable and wild bachelorette party ideas, let’s do it together!

The images which present in this issue all come from Unplash and Pexels.

1. Disco Bachelorette Party

Disco bachelorette party

Come have a grand retro passionate disco bachelorette party! I love this so much! Wear a sequin dress as sexy as Taylor Swift, put on a mask, and dance to the beat of the music. You can also wear a Western cowboy crystal-fringed jacket, raise your glass, and drink to celebrate the bride’s last bachelorette party!

2. Wind down with a Spa Day

Wind Down With a Spa Day

If you've spent too much energy during the day's festivities, an evening spa treatment is perfect. You lie in the sauna to relieve the fatigue of the day. If you feel bored, you can play a few board games and enjoy a good time. Of course, there is an infinity pool waiting for you. It’s so comfortable to sit by the pool and have a cocktail!

3. Beach Bonfire Party

Beach Bonfire Part

A Beach bonfire is also a bachelorette party project that I highly recommend for you. A group of beautiful and elegant ladies sit around the bonfire and ask the bride and groom about their interesting love stories. If one of you can play the Gilli, you can sing a love song to the bride together. Ladies who like excitement can also tell horror stories to liven up the atmosphere.

4. Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

The bride transforms into a Gotham Riddler and prepares scavenger hunt riddles for single ladies, such as puzzles, riddles, and missing persons, but of course, these games are too boring. I recommend you a treasure hunt game, it is very interesting. The gameplay is as follows:

1.Prepare a white paper of the same size corresponding to the number of people eradicated, and write clues to the treasure;
2.Place the clue side of the paper behind each person;
3.Then divide into two groups and tear off the paper behind each other to obtain clues to the treasure;
4.The lady whose paper has been torn off is eliminated and waits for the next round of the game;
5.The team that got the paper searched for the treasure based on the clues.

5. A Notorious Cake

A Notorious Cake

To spice up your bachelorette party, you must try a notorious cake, it’s so fun! You decide the shape of the cake at will and then stuff strange things into the cake. Don't think the scale is too big, because only you women are present.

6. Paintball or Laser Tag

Paintball or Laser Tag

Lara Croft, transformed into Tomb Raider, follows her teammates in a real-life CSGO game in the rainforest. Use paintballs or lasers to hit your "enemies", annihilate them all, and get the gifts prepared by the bride for you. Fight to your heart's content!

7. Raunchy Decor Supplies

Raunchy Decor Supplies

My favorite part of a bride’s bachelorette party is the gag part. For example, bras and penis decorations allow normally elegant ladies to put down their guard and laugh together.

8. Private Party Bus

Private Party Bus

When you are a little far away from your wedding destination, a private bus is a great option. It provides sofas, wine, food, KTV, etc., so that beautiful ladies will not be so bored along the way and arrive at the wedding venue elegantly.

9. Costume Party

Costume Party

Want to have a grand cosplay? Dress up with your friends as your favorite movies, cartoons, and historical figures, take beautiful pictures, and upload them to Instagram to share your happiness with everyone and receive wedding blessings.

10. Nightclub Crawl

Nightclub Crawl

Want a DJ? Want a cocktail? Want a hearty dance wild party? Schedule your nightclub crawl now! Dance with your friends in the middle of the dance floor. When you get tired, you can play games in your seat, and whoever loses gets a drink!

11. Private Pool Party

Private Pool Party

Organizing a private pool party is easy, get your sisters ready with their swimsuits and pool toys, jump in the pool, and enjoy the bachelorette party. Remember to bring sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

12. Costume Carnival Bash

Costume Carnival Bash

If you didn’t have enough fun at your Halloween bash, consider adding a costume carnival to your bachelorette party event. The treacherous pirate, the beautiful Snow White, and the brave Mr. Mario are waiting for you to play.

13. Burlesque Dance Workshop

Burlesque Dance Workshop

To add more fun to your bachelorette party, a burlesque dance workshop is a great option. Prepare to light up the atmosphere with a funky and sexy Bollywood belly dance, chair dance, and burlesque show. However, since it is a dance, you need to make a plan.

14. Concert or Music Festival Getaway

Concert or Music Festival Getaway

Attend a party with a famous musician and let your tight body relax to the music. If you feel that the atmosphere is too quiet, you can also come to the Grassland and Beach Music Festival, where you can dance to explosive rock, exciting rap, and elegant jazz music!

15. Horseback Riding and Trail Ride

Horseback Riding and Trail Ride

If you are a group of ladies who love off-roading, horseback riding and motor vehicle off-roading can be on your bucket list. Experience the fun of riding a cowboy in Texas, or explore the woods or valleys on a mountain bike. Please note that you must wear protective gear before playing these projects. It was because I didn't listen to my coach that I tripped over a rock while riding in the valley and fractured my bones. I was hospitalized for two weeks.

16. Dance Cruise

Dance Cruise

If you want to dance and travel, I recommend you choose a dance cruise. During the day you can have a cocktail on the deck and enjoy sunbathing. In the evening you can join a dance party and party all the way to your destination.

17. Adventure-Themed Photo Shoot

Adventure-Themed Photo Shoot

Photography is an essential part of the bachelorette party. Decide on an adventurous theme, such as horseback riding and off-road riding, strike the coolest pose, and capture wonderful moments with your camera. At the same time, you can go to nightclubs, take wonderful photos, and upload them to Instagram to share your happiness with your friends and fans. If the bachelorette party is in winter, you can go for skiing and rock climbing, and be sure to be accompanied by professionals.

18. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Watersports

Stand-Up Paddleboarding and Watersports

My favorite water sport is stand-up paddle boarding, it’s so cool. I highly recommend you to play this water sport. Stand on the surfboard and take selfies or have someone help you take photos of the wonderful moments. It will definitely ignite your circle of friends.

19. Karaoke and Cocktail Night

Karaoke and Cocktail Night

Karaoke is good news for music lovers. I think there is a high probability that some of your friends love to sing. You can prepare a cocktail night for them to sing, drink, and dance together.

20. Lingerie Party with Fashion Show

Lingerie Party with Fashion Show

Of course, a bachelorette party is indispensable for a lingerie party. Put on sexy lingerie and have a pillow fight, which is very happy. It can also be combined into a fashion show to show off your perfect figures.

21. Skydiving or Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving or Indoor Skydiving

Skydiving is the most worthwhile high-altitude activity. If it were my bachelorette party, I would definitely plan it on my list. A group of people jumped out of the plane one after another, overlooking the earth, stimulating your kidney hormones, enjoying the thrill of falling, and then opened the parachute and slowly landed. If you have never skydived before, you can try indoor skydiving first, which simulates the reality of high altitude and is very safe.

22. Paragliding Adventure

Paragliding Adventure

When you are riding a paraglider and overlooking the earth at high altitude, you will know why this project attracts countless people to come and play. It is really beautiful! So exciting! If someone feels dizzy, it is recommended to choose tandem gliding, accompanied by a professional instructor, and the paraglider will fall smoothly while it is high in the sky, so you will not feel dizzy and will not miss the beautiful scenery in front of you. Add it to your bachelorette party list now!

23. Trampoline Park and Dodgeball

Trampoline Park and Dodgeball

If you have a severe fear of heights but want to experience it. I recommend you try the trampoline first and then add dodgeball, where you just have to dodge, swoop, and jump, and don't get hit by the balls or you'll be eliminated.

24. Zip-Lining and Canopy Tours

Zip-Lining and Canopy Tours

Join Lara Croft as you zip line through canyons, rivers, and tree canopies to defeat your enemies. I have played this project, and to be honest it is very safe, low-priced, and generally exciting, and is suitable for people who are not adventurous.

25. Tattoo or Piercing Adventure

Tattoo or Piercing Adventure

If you want to commemorate your bachelorette party, a tattoo or piercing adventure is a great option. Let your friendship be tattooed on your body to remember it for a lifetime. The premise is that you are willing to accept this method.


25 bachelorette party ideas that aren’t easy to plan. If you don't mind, I can plan your bachelorette party for the day.

If you like adventure, exciting projects can be arranged like this:

  • Morning: First choose a simple and enjoyable zipline activity;
  • Noon:The temperature is higher and you can organize a private pool party to enjoy sunbathing;
  • Afternoon: You need some exciting projects to ignite the atmosphere, such as skydiving, paragliding, paintball, motor vehicle off-roading, etc. You should pay attention to safety, or a treasure hunt game is also a good idea.
  • Evening: The most emotional time of the day is here, so spice things up with a private lingerie disco party and raunchy interior decor. Of course, nightclub crawls and music festivals are also great options, quite lively.

If the destination of the tour is far away, you can consider renting a private party bus or joining a cruise ship, so that you will not get bored during the journey, and devote yourself to the bachelorette party and enjoy it to the fullest.

FAQs about Bachelorette Party Ideas

What Is a Bachelorette Party?

In the simplest terms, a bachelorette party is a pre-wedding celebration held in honor of the bride-to-be.

Who Pays for the Bachelorette Party?

Most commonly the cost is shared equally among participants. Each person is responsible for paying their own expenses, such as meals and lodging, while also sharing the cost to cover most or all of the bride's expenses.

Who Is Supposed to Plan the Bachelorette Party?

The maid of honor is most often the bachelorette party planner, but anyone can put together the bride's gathering. A tip to the organizer: Make sure to talk to the attendees first to see how much they can spend.

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